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How to Use Poe to Create and Test Structured Chatbots

Keeping it easy, accessible, and free

In this video, I focus on using Poe to build and test structured chatbots in an easy and accessible way. My discussion revolves around the functionalities of Poe and how it stands out as an alternative to other platforms like ChatGPT.

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Key Features and Advantages of Poe

  • Accessibility: Poe allows users, even without a subscription, to create and use bots. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for students, who can experiment with chatbot creation without incurring costs.

  • Monetization Opportunities: Creators on Poe have the option to charge per message or leverage new subscriber bonuses, offering a potential revenue stream for successful chatbots.

  • Model Options and Customization: Users can choose from various models, including Claude and ChatGPT 4.0, even on the free plan. This variety allows for a wide range of chatbot applications.

Another unique feature of Poe is its ability to customize chatbots with personalized greetings and descriptions. This level of customization, not available on some other platforms, adds a personal touch to each bot, enhancing the user experience.

I also highlight the importance of responsibly sourcing information for the chatbots. Users can upload public domain documents as PDFs to serve as knowledge bases, which is crucial for enhancing the bot's functionality and accuracy. But it is important to cite those sources if not your own.

How I Tested Poe

In this video, I showcase a practical application of Poe through a chatbot I developed, the Medium Article Booster. This bot assists writers in aligning their content with Medium's human-centered guidelines. The bot operates on a structured prompt, with Medium's quality guidelines uploaded to ensure it functions on specific, relevant criteria. I walk through the process of saving, testing, and sharing the chatbot on Poe, noting the platform's sharing feature that allows wide accessibility and user engagement.

Poe serves as an excellent educational tool, especially for teaching students about audience engagement and effective instruction crafting. While Poe is great for initial testing and idea exploration in the business world, advanced commercial applications might require a more robust platform.

I hope this tutorial gives you what you need to start exploring the world of chatbots … and I’d love to see some of your creations in the comments below!

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