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Hi everyone! I'm Lance Cummings, and like you, I'm fascinated by the art of crafting effective prompts. I teach Professional Writing at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where I delve into the intersection of business, technology, and diverse linguistic landscapes. My passion is not just in the theory, but in the practical application of our learning.

As someone who regularly connects students with real-world experiences, I'm thrilled to be here to explore prompt engineering with you. I've been working on integrating design thinking and ethnomethodological research into classroom experiences, both locally and internationally (including leading trips to Krakow, Poland!).

I'm currently diving into the ethics of the creator economy and its implications for writing in social spaces. I'm here to learn with you, share insights, and foster a community where we can all grow together. Let's exchange ideas, challenge ourselves, and enjoy this journey into the world of prompt engineering!

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