I’ll watch the webinar soon, but I wanted to ask you this question first: when you say iterations, is it follow up chats similar to when interacting with ChatGPT on the web? Or do you go back and refine your initial prompts based on the replies you receive?

Btw, love that first point on defining who the chatbot is, which is directly related to your second point of structuring prompts: setting the intent will give you the context ;)

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Jan 22·edited Jan 22Author

I mostly mean iterating on the prompt instructions and data set ... just like software developers ... or, I would say, writers.

Iteration is a key element in writing that often gets ignored, even in the classroom, but building chatbots really makes it pop.

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The first draft is always... ;)

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è interessante il tuo articolo perchè anch'io mi interesso di sviluppare assistenti personali

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